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Co-founders of Leaf Wearables with Hans Vestberg, President and CEO of Ericsson

Jewellery is said to be a woman’s best-est friend. How about if that best friend could also turn out to be the one that keep them safe all time long. Won’t that just be a scenario so good to be true. Well, five engineering graduates from India have been able to imagine and achieve this dream scenario.

According to figures made available by India’s National Crime Records Bureau, the country witnesses a sexual assault every 22.5 minutes. This startling figure really set the five engineering graduates – Manik Mehta, Chiraag Kapil, Ayush Banka, Paras Batra and Avinash Bansal, in a thinking mode and they decided to take matters in their hand and come up with a tech based solution to help keep the women in the country safe at all times.

Launched in February last year, Leaf Wearables is a smart Jewellery startup that designs special pendants, bracelets and key chains that have a small circular device at their heart called SAFER. Till now, the startup has managed to raise a decent amount of $300,000 through prize money, family and friends and outside investors.


SAFER is a multifunctional device. It is not only a jewellery that adds to the overall beauty and looks of a woman but also a safety superhero that comes to a woman’s rescue whenever and wherever she would want. When a user double clicks the SAFER device attached to the jewellery, the corresponding app is triggered about a potential threat. Further, upon receiving the threat, the app sends an alert to the user’s network.

For ladies concerned about if the device would hamper their looks, the device has a rust-proof, non-corrosive stainless steel casing with fashionable crystals of highly refractive diamond-cut glass that have the safety mechanism below it.

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Along with the safety feature, the device comes power packed with a number of other features. It’s GPS function acts as your constant companion and let’s your loved ones know about your location every minute of the day or night. The user just needs to add her destination and the time she is leaving, and the user’s network can track her movement the entire time. Along with this, it also comes with a map showing the nearest hospitals and police stations to the user’s location.

The safety device equipped jewellery, which costs between $52 and $74, takes just 15 minutes to charge for a week’s use.

Having already sold 5,000 pieces, the startup’s aim is to make 1 million families safe by the end of year 2017.



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