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It’s an age old saying, ‘learning never stops’. A human has the capability to learn something new till his last breath. Forming this as a base, a Bangalore-based startup called Learners Route.

Started in July 2015, the startup is a knowledge organisation offering services in self discovery assessments and learning partners in Training and learning with regard. With a vision of Small team big impact, it’s designed for both corporates and individuals.

This self-funded startups started with a small capital of 1 Lakh Indian rupees. The start-up is yet to hit first year of completion and its revenue per month is roughly 4 lakhs with a team size of just 3 members.

According to the startup, human beings with a quest for self knowledge and improvement is the audience they’re looking to target. Over time, they have realised that people are more comfortable assessing themselves in anonymity and hence, Learners route offers them this through online and telephonic coaching for self improvement over journey.

Most of the service providers currently in the market are mostly either jack of all in training services or monopoly who offer only one aspect of learning such as only training for people or only assessments. Learners Route is different from all these as it combines all the services to give end to end help in Learning initiatives for teams.

Kavitha Rao

Kavitha Rao

The master behind all this, is Ms. Kavitha Rao, CEO and Principal Consultant of Learners Route. A medical psychiatrist by profession, Kavitha specialises in organizational behavior. Prior to leading Learners Route, she partnered with Siksha as their Vice President for Learning Solutions. Kavitha Rao also led the Learning and Development division for Sasken Technologies ltd in the soft skills learning section. The other organizations she has worked for are Titan Industries, Erehwon India.

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She moved back to India in 2003 partnered with various organizations on competency enhancement projects.

Having had the opportunity to work with many clients across different industries in self discovery and competency enhancement exercises, she has become a pro in people development initiatives.

The core services offered by the startup include Competency Profiling, Assessment /Development center, visioning exercise, Evaluation tools like 360 degree feedback/ Leadership assessments/ DISC/ MBTI/PDA / Compass, future search workshops, process Training, game based and simulation based workshops and Soft skill enhancement training.

The startup’s envisions to become the single platform for all critical learning partner methodologies to be connected through one source.



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