Samsung’s New Dongle Connects Your Car To The Internet

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Samsung, the brand trusted by many, has finally step its first foot in the connected car accessories market. The technology major recently unveiled its Connect Auto dongle at the MWC held on 21st February.

The dongle will allow users to connect their cars to the internet and transform their once boring and regular cars into smart cars. The device is set to function on the company’s Tizen operating system and is capable of monitoring the car’s performance on a regular basis whenever it is connected to it.

Though Samsung isn’t the first among its peers to enter the connected cars accessories. But, it is for sure among few of them extending this internet connected cars facilities to even the users with older car models.

The Connected Auto dongle plugs right into the OBD II port, which is placed exactly below the steering wheel in the case of most cars. Once plugged in, the dongle uses the 4G LTE hotspot installed onboard the vehicle in order to smoothly connect the driver to the internet. Further, it also streams the data directly from the host to a cloud-based server, so as to provide the users with real time GPS location services.


The dongle is also capable of getting connected to various Android and iOS smartphone apps currently doing round in the market so as to keep the drivers updated with the information on safety services. Furthermore, the dongle will offer real-time alerts on eco-friendly driving abilities and driver’s behaviour.

Since fuel is one of those natural resources that is required to be used judiciously by the mankind, the dongle provides the drivers increased fuel efficiency by making use of algorithms that calculate fuel used, time traveled, and the price of fuel per gallon.

According to Samsung, with its Connected auto, its aim is to provide the people with ground breaking, out-of-the box connected car solutions. Its mission is to benefit the consumers and businesses alike by delivering an ecosystem of products and services that will enable a safer, more eco-friendly and more fun driving experience.

In order to make its connected auto services a reality, Samsung has partnered with some of the leading wireless network service providers like Orange, AT&T, Global Telematics and AXA.

The dongle is expected to hit the US markets by the second quarter of this year and the company is not expected to launch it anytime soon in India or any asian market.

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