In today’s metropolitan world, between the hectic office hours and the incessant traffic we barely get any time for ourselves. And whatever little time we can squeeze out goes in doing the chores of our house and other household work that needs our attention. This leaves us with almost no spare time at all. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone to help with the chores so that you could finally relax and watch that cricket match or take that spa day you have been wanting to take for a long time. No more waiting around for that extra holiday to catch up with yourself, Bengaluru-based home services startup Helpr is here to your rescue!


Doing the household work and chores take away the left over time we have from our daily schedule. The co-founders had a similar mindset and they came up with a solution to the problems of this working generation, in the form of Helpr. It is the most convenient and hassle-free way to get your household work done. With handcrafted mobile solutions, unmatched service quality, and background verified providers who are always willing to lend a hand, they aim to aid in solving all your household problems with efficiency, ease and most importantly, a personal touch. So no more waiting around for the electrician to come or not letting random people enter your personal space. This app is here to provide reliable and trustworthy solutions to your problem.


Vignesh Rangasamy and Rajesh Shankarappan, co-founders of Helpr receiving award of best startup from Mr.S.Madhavan CEO, Cognizant Foundation

Vignesh Rangasamy and Rajesh Shankarappan, co-founders of Helpr receiving award of best startup from Mr.S.Madhavan CEO, Cognizant Foundation

It took three minds to come up with the idea of Helpr, Vijayramkumar Veeraraghavan (Co-Founder, CEO Partnerships), Vignesh Rangasamy (Co-Founder Product) and Rajesh Shankarappan(Co-Founder Operations).

Vijay: He started out as an analyst with S&P at Crisil and later lead business development teams at MyCityWay. He was a founding member and took care of partnerships at Hubbl (Acquired by Airpush). He now drives sales at Helpr.

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Vignesh: He started as a developer at Cognizant and later managed products at MyCityWay where he was also a founding member and took care of product strategy at Hubbl. He now leads product and technology teams at Helpr

Rajesh: He ran his own advertising agency before handling India operations at MyCityWay where he too became a founding member and ran operations at Hubbl. Now he heads Operations at Helpr


Safety is one of the extremely important things today, and in such a case inviting an unknown person in your house is not the safest of the things. The people at Helpr understand this and so all of their service providers have a minimum experience is 4 years and on top of that they are Police Verified Professionals, so the risk factor is taken away. Also rather than some other websites providing similar services, they are not just a glorified directory, they have in-house professionals as well.


As our name suggests, they are here to help. Their customer is anyone who needs help with his/her daily chores or needs something specific done. They provide on demand household services as plumbing,electrical, cleaning,pest control and carpentry. It is the most convenient and hassle free way to get your household work done at transparent prices.


The startup did received funding but do not wants to disclose.


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