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Startups in India had decided to don the Santa hat this Christmas. From booking lavish all-expenses-paid foreign trips to arranging adventure sports getaways, food walks, foosball tournaments and get-togethers, the companies made sure that they made this Christmas extra special and merrier for their hard-working employees.

Seven startups that deserve a special mention this Christmas are CodeNation, Wingify, ShopClues, MyDala, Wego, Roadrunnr, JoyByNature and BiteClub. These startups decided to honour the efforts of their employees in their massive success till date and decided to reward them with a little more than what’s usually done in the corporate Indian setup.

Wego, a travel search website, gave 15 of its employees a three night-four day trip to the magnificent Phuket. Some of the company’s earlier Christmas rituals included organising secret Santa and lavish Christmas parties. But, this year, they decided to do something different.

On the other hand, Bengaluru based Onetimejobs decided to surprise its employees by sponsoring a family vacation to Ooty, while CodeNation, a tech startup, recently took its team out for a 3-day watersports outing in Dandeli.

While most of them are doing something special this year for its employees, Delhi-based Wingify has been making its employees feel special for a quiet a long time now. The startup has been taking its employees and their families on a holiday every year. This year, they are spent about Rs 65 lakh to take some 130 of its employees across their offices in Delhi, Pune and the US to Langkawi for four days of fun, frolic and games.

According to Human resources experts, such initiatives keep people working in this fast-paced startup world motivated, happy and fulfilled. While boosting the employees performances, they are also able to detect attrition levels.

Instead of surprising their employees with any lavish getaways or gifts, Online marketplace decided to gifts its employees what humans love the most i.e. holidays. ShopClues is gifting its employees some 20-plus leave by discontinuing its alternate working Saturdays starting next year.

Well, we think, the Indian startups are certainly following the golden rule, “Happy employees means happy customers and more business” to the tee.



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