Gurgaon-based Autoload that claims to be India’s first online truck hiring platform launches today. It will enable tranporters across Inda to hire truck(s) with a mobile/web app on one side and on other side its empowers truck owners to conveniently find onward and return loads. Autoload’s has established nation wide operation in a short span of time. Autoload is automating the process of truck hiring with use of technology and making it more efficient. Autoload promises remarkable experience for both transporters and truck owners.

“We are delighted to launch Autoload” said Mr. Navin Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, Autoload. “It is the first online truck booking platform that brings technology and innovation to the industry by making truck hiring transparent and efficient for both transporters and truck owners. Transparency through Autoload’s platform results in better freight rates”.

He further added “We have over 20, 000 registered trailers and are currently working with over 30 large and mid- sized transporters and excited by the response that we have received so far. Our platform delivers extensive reach that is valued by both, transporter and truck owner. We are positive that our initiative will make logistics industry more efficient. We believe that we will be able to reduce costs of shipment, reduce fuel consumption, makes lives of truck drivers better and even common will experience benefits in terms of reduced prices”

The company conducted a truck registration fair in early September 2015, in a bid to connect with the truck owners at the transport hub of the country. The event was a big hit with more than 700 trucks with verified truck documents (both large and small fleet of trucks) registered their fleet with Autoload. Since then Autoload has conducted number of such drives to register trucks on its platform.

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Benefits for Transporter:

  • Automated truck hiring process
  • Transparency in prices
  • Reduced non-placement of trucks
  • Nationwide availability of verified trucks

Benefits for Fleet/Truck Owners:

  • Automatic Load Suggestions, based on location of the truck
  • Load Availability Across India
  • Higher Probability of Return Load
  • Price Visibility
  • Profitable Route Suggestions


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