If you ever felt that you were missing the restaurant like experience in food delivered to your doorstep, then Rocketchefs is the answer to your food delivery woes. Rocketchefs is a first of its kind gourmet mobile delivery service that makes great food available immediately, through its mobile food bikes, vans and especially designed food pods. Food lovers can place an order through the easy to use mobile app or over a call, and Rocketchefs would deliver it piping hot, fresh and fast; sometimes even cooked right at your doorstep, giving you an unbeatable fresh food experience. Presently launched and operational only in Gurgaon, Rocketchefs strives to provide a straight from the kitchen experience as you order food from the comfort of your home.

With the inaugural menu serving lip smacking dishes such as stone oven thin crust pizzas and gourmet kebabs, Rocketchefs aims to expand the variety of food available and take it to the next level by providing them completely on demand. Led by industry experts, Rocketchefs aptly combines food knowledge, hospitality expertise, back-end support and a strong technological backbone to offer a cutting edge, and delightful, food experience to its customers.

Speaking on the launch of these unique food trucks, Mr. Ram Wasan (CEO – Rocketchefs) says, “Food delivery as a concept is fast gaining popularity in India; given the young working population and consumers’ preference of ‘eating out’ while being comfortable at home. Taking cognizance of the obvious concerns faced by consumers during food delivery, namely delay in delivery and cold or soggy food, we decided to work on a concept that attacked these very concerns. Thus was born the idea of Rocketchefs – a state of the art, first of its kind food vans on call offering timely delivery of fresh, hot food. Our aim is not to be a stationary food truck but rather a moving kitchen of orders, when often our Chefs are sprinkling the garnish while at the consumer’s doorstep! Through Rocketchefs we would revolutionize the way food is consumed through delivery, and going forward, extend this experience to other cities and regions.”

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To place an order with Rocketchefs, one needs to simply download the app, Rocketchefs, on their smartphones, lookup the food pods closest to you, choose a cuisine/dish, and with one click finalize the order.

While this culinary service is currently available only in Gurgaon, going forward, Rocketchefs aims to expand into the top metropolitan cities of the country as well.


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