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In the 21st century, education and technology can be considered as the two most important factors on which the future of a country depends. That means, in order for a country to progress, both these factors will have to grow in synchronisation with each other or the progress rate of the country takes a hit.

Understanding this scenario, Bangalore headquartered Frugal Labs, a leading Electronics and Communication enterprise specialized in educational technical training, skill development and prototyping products, has come up with a unique idea called FLIP (acronym for Frugal Labs Iot Platorm).

Developed especially for IoT passionate students and hobbyists, with FLIP, the firm’s main objective was to offer a comprehensive open source IoT platform inclusive of all components like Hardware, Cloud and ready to launch solutions for sensors.

With the help of FLIP, IoT enthusiasts can turn their dream concepts to PoC in the shortest duration possible. Further, they will also be able to sell their products in the niche markets.

Frugal Labs Private Limited is a known name in the educational industry for providing hands-on Training Workshops to educational institutions and enthusiasts and to promote knowledge and skill development in the emerging technologies with focus on applications and use cases. Their workshops are known to be designed in such a way that the students not only grasp the fundamentals of specific topics but also understand the various applications. They do so by offering them specially designed kits that provides a hands on experimenting experience of the course content.

There were three major factors which encouraged Frugal Labs to come up with a concept like FLIP. The factors are as follows:

  1. They saw that almost every IoT innovator in the business was spending a major amount of his/her time, effort and money on sourcing the requisite hardware, assimilating the necessary knowledge on coding for firmware, middleware for cloud connecting, application UX / UI for handheld devices so on and so forth.
  2. The time taken from the step of “Concept” to “PoC” would often get stretched depending upon various factors. This would often have a frustrating effect on the innovator and his innovation skills.
  3. Further, though the quantity of components required for developing a PoC is low, the cost of developing it is always high and with almost no support.
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FLIP acts a a complete IoT platform that facilitates creating and developing a “PoC” for any IoT based service, product or solution, much easier and affordable to anyone who Dreams, sleeps and eat IoT.

In an effort to continuously improve the features of the platform, the Silicon Valley based firm has decided to keep it as an “Open Source” platform.

So, all you IoT enthusiasts, here’s something for you which you must not miss. Go crab your piece right away!

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