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From small startups to government agencies, all businesses and institutions can become victims of data breach. These threats need to be taken seriously no matter if you work with millions of health records, or few dozen pizza orders.

Almost all bigger US companies including: JP Morgan, Home Depot and Target became victims of cyber attacks and security breaches in previous few years. This scary statistics make us realize the seriousness of this threat and try to find ways to protect our company websites.

That’s why we have written this article in which you will be able to see several very effective ways to protect your website’s data and prevent different kinds of data and security breaches.

Why Is This Happening?

Before we start writing methods that need to be applied to stop these attacks we will stop for a moment and try to answer one of the most frequently asked questions, when it comes to cyber attacks. Why is this happening? There are lots of reasons websites might become vulnerable to data breaches.

  1. Lack of Security Specialists- Security Specialist is one of the most important talents and every firm with big online data needs to have a Security Specialist in their team.
  2. Budget Issues- Many companies decide not to employ Security Specialist, or not to invest money in their data protection which leads to more cyber attacks and data breaches.
  3. Outdated Technology- Companies that are slow in adopting new technology and software are more vulnerable to these attacks. Best examples for this are health care companies. Although they are holding very important data on their servers, they are far behind other companies in adoption of new technologies and software.
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So, How can we Prevent Data Breaches?

Hire a Talented Security Specialist

Security Specialist has a very complex job. Not only he/she is responsible for maintaining security systems in company’s network, he also needs to educate all the workers how to maintain high level data security. That’s why these talents are very valuable, and even if they ask for higher salaries than the rest of company’s IT experts, it is definitely going to be money well spent.

We already mentioned how hard it is to find security professionals and companies often need to outsource these positions. This is sometimes beneficial, since third-party experts can make more objective risk and exposure analysis. If you decide for remote support on this matter, be sure that you choose respected company, with a long list of clients.

Invest in Employee’s Education

Every company needs to have an elaborated security policy that covers all the risks and should be written by Security Specialist. This policy also needs to deal with authentication of both mobiles and desktop computers, as well as the procedures for stolen or lost devices. All these should be presented to company employees, in a way they can easily understand.

Train Your Partners and Service Providers

Same like employees, business partners with whom you cooperate online also need to know and understand your company’s security protocol. Their websites, e mail addresses and servers can be used for making a data breach on your website, which can cost you a lot.

When it comes to third-party service providers, it is important to ask them to apply security measures that are in compliance with state and federal legislation. Your company should be in control of all its files 24/7, especially when it comes to off-shore service providers.

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Encryption Shouldn’t Be the Only Method of Defense

Data encryption is a good thing, especially when it comes to data in transit. In spite of this, relying solely on encryption can be very dangerous, especially because it gives false sense of security to company management. There are plenty of hackers out there who can easily break all kinds of encryption codes.

Follow Trends in Security Niche and Keep Updating

Keeping current with security software updates is crucial for system security, because an unpatched system has more than a few weak spots that are just waiting to be hacked. This is a hob for security specialist, but company’s management also needs to work off their share because applying new patches takes both time and resources.

Even with all these measures applied, data breaches can still occur. That is why every company aside from data breach prevention needs to have a data loss protection plan that will prevent operational paralysis when these things happen. Everyone should know what to do in case of a data breach, and by taking strong steps and battling security treats immediately companies can earn back their customer’s trust.



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