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Google’s Maps team has designed and launched an experimental app called – Delhi Public Transport, for New Delhi residents to get around on public transport.

The Delhi Public Transport offline app will search for Delhi Metro and bus directions and timetables without requiring Internet data. It will also notify Delhi-ites of Delhi Metro and bus transit news and delays through the app which however requires Internet.


With this new app, Google has made directions and timetable information for New Delhi metros and buses available ‘offline’. So that, even if one doesn’t have a connection, one can still get directions between any bus or metro stops and find how late the bus or train will run.

The app supports DMRC Metro, DTC bus, Gurgaon Rapid Metro, and DIMTS Orange buses and all of these are available offline, all packed into this small app of about 1 MB download size.

Internet connection is required only for notifications such as Delhi transit news and major Metro delays.

Currently, the Delhi Public Transport app is available for Android users only. Google also says that the app is in its early days and feedbacks are required to improve it further.

Because this is an experimental app, Google says that its features may change quickly based on usage and feedback from its users.

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