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Starting a business of your own isn’t for the weak hearted. The fruits lying at the end of the tunnel are surely very tempting and attractive but the journey through the tunnel is full of hardships, challenges and breakdowns. In order to help those talented few who have decided to tread down the entrepreneurship path, we at www.indianweb2.com present the three Ps formula that every entrepreneur should inculcate within himself/herself in order to be successful.

1) Patience –

Good things comes to those who have the patience and determination to wait for it. Don’t get bogged down with all the success stories happening around you. Remain positive and keep doing your hard work. Success will surely knock at your door sooner or later. Don’t get all pumped to reach to the top right away. Take some time and build a strong foundation as that is what will help you in the longer run.

2) Passion

Until and unless you have true passion to become an entrepreneur and achieve something, don’t get into this profession. Entrepreneurship as a profession is full of ups and downs, success and failures and until and unless you’re in it for a reason or a goal, you will bail out of it whenever you see or experience your first failure. So, do what you love and you won’t ever have to work again.

3) Perseverance

An entrepreneur needs to be strong hearted in order to not get affected by small,small roadblocks that he/she might encounter on the way to the top. Whatever may come, never ever lose sight of your goals and why you decided Entrepreneurship as a profession in first place. Be strong enough to take responsibility of your failures and successes as that will set a good example in front of your team.

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At last, always remember that Rome wasn’t in a day and slow and steady always wins the race. The simple way to be successful is to have patience, Perseverance and true passion towards your goal.


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