A company is nowadays graded not only on the basis of what quality of products or services are they providing but also on the the basis of the quality and consistency of their customer service. Thus, if you’re able to keep your customers happy and content, you’re safe. Keep in line with this principle of the industry is a New Delhi based startup called FarEye.

FarEye is a Mobile Workforce Management Platform, that automates and processes and field workforce thus., helping the companies in providing their customers with a delightful service and experience .

Nowadays, in the world that never sleeps, a customer requires his query or problem to be solved as quickly as it can be irrespective of the time of the day or night it is. FarEye understands this need of the customers and help companies work on this need by providing them with a platform that helps them in obtaining seamless operations, decrease customer response time, increase productivity and thereby increasing the company’s revenues. The startup does so by helping the companies schedule jobs, track execution and evaluate their performance, all this in real time.

The company though headquartered in New Delhi, also has offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Dubai and Singapore. FarEye is the result of hard work of its three founders, Kushal Nahata, CEO & co-founder; Gautam Kumar, COO & co-founder and Gaurav Srivastava, CTO & co- founder.

The company that received Rs. 2 Crore in funding by Indian Angel Network in September 2014, sees a huge potential for its growth in the future. According to them, currently in a 3 billion people strong workforce, the technology penetration is a mere 20%. Hence, they have a huge market to cater to.

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FarEye hasn’t only caught the eye of the domestic companies but has also found admirers in the international market. About 20% of the startup’s revenues come from overseas clients.

In the 21st Century, Customer is surely the king and with FarEye have already figured that out, it can be expected to go great miles.


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