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Every year, for the past twenty years, Wharton, a business school at The University of Pennsylvania, has hosted the country’s premier conference on India: the Wharton India Economic Forum. Two years ago, the forum evolved to include a startup competition, focused on supporting the rapid evolution of the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem at a critical juncture. It has quickly grown to become a seminal event for startups aspiring to gain exposure both in India and the United States.

The 20th Wharton India Economic Forum (WIEF) is hosting the prestigious Wharton India Startup Competition for the third year in a row to promote entrepreneurship in India.

Any individual with a business idea or business model featuring products or services targeting the Indian market are eligible to apply for Wharton India startup competition.

Selected startups/ entrepreneurs can win over $10,000 in prize money, all they have to do is to apply to the Wharton India startup competition now at

Competition entries will be pre-screened by a panel of experts including top entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and investors. This panel will select semi-finalists. Shortlisted semi-finalists will be provided with 15-minute time slot to present their ideas to the judges (via teleconference) based on which finalists will be selected.

One member from each team of finalists will receive a free return ticket to attend pitch day in Mumbai on January 5, and the winning team will win a subsidized return ticket to attend the WIEF Conference in Philadelphia in March, where they will present their startup to the entire conference. Finalists will pitch to top Indian entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. The pitch will consist of a 5-minute presentation and a 3-minute Q&A session.

Past finalists include prominent startups like Zoomcar, Zostel, Postergully, Flintobox, and BabyChakra. Most finalists received funding offers through investors and judges at the competition itself, while nearly all went on to raise a significant round of funding within six months of the competition. Past judges include prominent entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, including Sanjeev Bhikchandani, Alok Kejriwal, Sunny B. Rao, and Arihant Patni.

Nominate the startup at

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