Are you an ardent Apple user? Do you have all your old Apple devices stashed to your cupboards’ top shelf because they were too precious for you to part from? What if I tell you that you can now transform your old treasure into something useful. Don’t believe me? Well, with the Manything this impossible thing is now possible.

Manything is a newly launched iOS app that has the potential to transform your old Apple devices, whether an iPod Touch, iPad or an iPhone, into a customizable home security system. The app has now also started to exit its beta Android stage, making the app open to users other than iOS and Apple users.

The app works by harnessing the power of your old Apple device’s microphone and camera setup in order to monitor your home. It can be used to monitor children when they arrive home, or perhaps even to keep tabs on the minute to minute activity of your unattended pets.

Though the app cannot compete with all those sophisticated products in the market, it is surely a good do-it-yourself smart home security option.


The app is absolutely free of cost to use but there is only one downside, the free version limits the user to rig up only one camera-equipped device as a home monitoring system. It however, includes cloud video recording (CVR) in the same way as available in paid options, although in a limited fashion. The CVR is responsible for the task of storing the footage recorded by your devices. It also automatically deletes the old video in order to make sure you don’t run out of space.

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The free version allows a user to record and store up to four hours of footage.

On the other hand, the options available for subscribers are less limited when compared to the one being offered to the free version users. With a single rigged device, they can store up to 48 hours ($2.99/month), 7 days ($3.99/month) or 30 days ($5.99/month). Further, if a user wants to set up more devices within his/her own smart security web, with two cameras, they can store 48 hours at $4.99/month, 7 days at $6.99/month or 30 days at $9.99/month. They also have an option of connecting up to five cameras but they will have to pay more for the same. Businesses can also make use of this wonder app by subscribing to their enterprise plans.

So, if an in-budget security system is what you were looking for since long, then congratulations, as your search seems to have finally ended with Manything .

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