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Philips Lighting has launched its IoT/Web-enabled LED home lighting system called the Philips Hue in India. The device will be available at select Croma and Reliance Digital outlets as well on the online platform Snapdeal and Amazon India.

Philips Hue comes with bulbs, a bridge that helps you controls the lights and a smartphone app where the controlling happens.

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Hue lets you control lights wirelessly and also create and change shades at your whim, even if you’re not at home. Priced at Rs. 16,995, the Hue Starter Kit comes with three Hue lamps and a bridge to control them. Separately on sale are the Hue Go (priced at Rs. 8,995 without the bridge) bowl-shaped lamp, Hue Beyond (Rs. 22,995 without bridge) table lamp, Hue Bloom (Rs. 6,750 without bridge) spotlight, and LightStrips (Rs. 6,500 without bridge). The Hue bulbs are regular LEDs, but need an adapter holder as we don’t use screwable bulbs in India.

The bridge is the most important part of the Hue lightning system and hence needs to be connected to your Wi-Fi router using a LAN cable and plugged into a power outlet. It will use the Wi-Fi network in your house to talk to the Hue bulbs.

The bridge connects to your WiFi router in the house via LAN Cable.

The bridge connects to your WiFi router in the house via LAN Cable.

Once the bridge is connected, with all three LEDs on it glowing solid, and the bulbs up where you want them to be, download the Philips Hue app on your iOS or Android smartphone. When installed use the app to connected to the bridge. After this is done, all the Hue bulbs in your house – ensure the power is on – will show up in the app.

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The app allows the users to remotely control home lighting to help secure their home, personalise their home lighting experience with custom settings and program timers to help manage their daily schedules.


Philips Hue allows you to save different lighting combinations for each room or time of the day and recall them through a tap. You also pick any image or customised colour pallet on the phone and ask Philips Hue to paint the room with the same.

Another interesting feature Hue has is ‘the alarm’, which will wake you up by gradually increasing the light in the room.

Availability (online) in India

Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Starter Kit is available online at Snapdeal (Rs.16,995) and Amazon India (Rs.16,495 + Rs.285.87 delivery charges)

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