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In June, Google announced a new YouTube spinoff to compete with Amazon’s Twitch. The company has now confirmed that YouTube Gaming will officially launch on August 26 i.e today.

YouTube Gaming is dedicatedly for gamers which will feature more than 25,000 pages for various game titles, each with livestreams, promotional videos, gameplay footages and more.

YouTube Gaming will be offered wherever YouTube is available. The website, Android and iOS apps are scheduled to go live at 10:30pm IST, 10am PT and 6pm BT.

Apert from website, YouTube Gaming will be available on both iOS and Android as well. The company is also launching an easier to start a live stream, in beta, tomorrow.


Notably, Google is launching YouTube Gaming in order to compete with Twitch, a site acquired by Amazon, that lets you watch others play video games or stream your games and broadcast your own show. The YouTube Gaming site will drag all of the live streams and game-related videos into one place. Copycat or not. People love watching and chatting about video games, and Google wants a piece of that pie.

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