Jaipur-based Propterry is a new real estate platform with a pinch of features that could set it apart from other online real estate entities such as 99acres, Times Group’s Magicbricks or Softbank-backed As these online portals along with others caters to demand and supply of real estate needs but all they have is a listing-based model where they list properties in various cities, Propterry however is one stop hybrid platform to help real estate buyers search, evaluate, purchase and manage real-estate through an offline and online interface.

The idea and focus of this relatively new real estate startup is to empower every buyer with sufficient information and adequate offline services and every seller with cutting-edge technology to achieve the highest level of satisfaction estate products directly from builders and sellers.

Propterry do have a few extra services and course of actions that makes it stand out in the market. To start with it has a policy of absolutely zero brokerage fees and more prominent one is that it fully support its existing and new clients and also provide ‘after-sales’ services. The startup claims that it process information before it reaches out to its clients and its data is 100% verified.

Krishna Gupta, CEO & Founder, Propterry

Krishna Gupta, CEO & Founder, Propterry

Founded in June 2014 by a Civil Engineer Krishna Gupta who was formerly employed with Larsen and Toubro, Propterry is a product born out of his own necessities an past experiences as he reiterate -“In spite of the array of similar consultancy services I had immense trouble in finding a house in Jaipur when my family decided to move back to the city. We struggled too much for finding the right home due to extremely unorganized market if builders and brokers. I felt that there is so much to do in this industry. I then decided to leave Larsen and Toubro and to come up with a firm to refine and organize the real-estate market.”

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“The main idea behind founding Proptery was to bridge of the gap between the buyers and the information delivered to them as there was a dire need of a catalyst to nurture this relation and to bring maximum transparency. I envisioned a company that would be this catalyst and will bring about the much needed change”, he added.

This completely bootstrapped startup has its main office is in Jaipur, Rajasthan and has a small team around 27 professionals working for it. Currently available for Jaipur city only, the startup has the goal of operating in four tiers-1 and two tier-2 cities by the end of next year. Notably, the startup is in the process of acquiring and raising funds by the end of this year.

Additionally, Propterry is on verge of launching four of its new services which, if launched in major tier-1 cities, could provide the startup an edge over other existing players like or 99Acres alike and these are

  • PropCARE: To release the stress of property owners to look into the maintenance and security of their realty investment through real time surveillance, monthly pictures and reports and property analysis.
  • PropRent: It will serve to enhance every Owner-Tenant rental experience by providing this unique service in selected projects in a city.
  • PropEye: It will provide much needed camera surveillance access to customer’s property through IP address and system application. Maintenance report will be generated and can be downloaded and viewed by the customer via android /iOS application to satiate the customer’s curiosity.

Propterry will soon be launching its application for android users which will feature customized effects.

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Comparing to other (already existing) online real estate services of its niche in the market, Propterry lacks vastness and it doesn’t have that much of volume in terms of listed properties in it however the things that it will be offering to real estate market is much unique and unexplored in India. For example, in its next plan it will be offering camera surveillance access to its customers’ property through IP address and system application and maintenance support via mobile app.

With these things and offerings that the startup is yet to fully launch and yet to expand its services in other cities it could be the next invention in online real estate industry of India which has become stereo typed with same old brand new listing-based online portals and mobile apps launching every few years.

In a message to future entrepreneurs Krishna, Founder of Propterry, says – “There is a lot to explore and do. Start small and set targets. Failures are inevitable at times, but do not lose hope at any cost. Stay strong and keep striving. Trust your instincts and apply your logics. There will be a lot of people who would try to pull you down but don’t budge from your goal. Be open to new experiences and hire the right kind of employees and always keep them motivated and reward them. Teamwork is the key. In the desire to be successful don’t lose patience and always tread on the right path.”

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