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Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka Gupta

Priyanka Gupta

Priyanka Gupta, founder of which is a book search engine for finding, comparing book prices and reading aggregated books reviews in India, has launched a new venture lately and this time too it is related to books. Priyanka has launched Vivilio for book lovers in India.

Vivilio aims to become India’s largest community for book lovers where casual book readers will be able to discover great content around books and get comprehensive information such description, pricing etc for any book at one place viz. average book rating across Goodreads, Flipkart and Amazon.

In short, Vivilio is trying to be Indian and better of version of GoodReads, a popular & world’s largest book community and catalogue portal owned by Amazon Inc.

Further, with Vvilio future buyers of a book will also be able to compare prices of the book across 5 major e-commerce portals of India. All this at one place.

The Gurgaon based startup’s beta site is currently live since two and a half months and has been able to gain more than 35,000 page views since its launch.


With Vivilio, the aim is to tap the casual readers of India. According to a survey, Indians are the biggest bookworms in the world, reading an average of 10.7 hrs a week. It’s a rather shocking thing that a country with such huge numbers of readers lacked a specific platform where they could discover what to read. But, all this is passé now with Vivilio.

Apart from GoodReads as its closest competitor internationally, Vivilio don’t see any competition in India. Vivilio do have an edge over sites like GoodReads as the former has a simpler platform compared to Goodreads in terms of UI. Notably, development on Goodreads has stopped long back and it’s UI looks dated and confusing.

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While Vivilio has curated content for the Indian Audience, Goodreads has only few books by Indian authors. Moreover, Vivilio has in-page price comparison across major e-commerce sites in India while Goodreads (as it’s an Amazon product) is only linked with Amazon.

Eventually the startup wish to open up its platform to authors and publishers for social interaction, book launches and promotions

Currently, the startup is in the phase of developing login and social features on the platform, after which the Vivilio users will be able to create & share book-lists and interact with other like-minded readers

Vivilio founder Priyanka Gupta, an IIT-Kanpur graduate, has worked at Intel and VMware in the past. The startup’s future plan is to become the one-stop platform for readers in the country to discover any information on books.


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