zoojoobe funding

zoojoo.be funding

Bangalore-based Zoojoo.be, a start-up that offers mobile-based workplace wellness programmes, has raised $1 million in funding from the US-based venture capital fund RoundGlass Partners

The startup incubated at the NS Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL) at IIM Bangalore, Zoojoo.be builds web and mobile-based apps that use gamification and social collaboration to help users form healthy habits.

Essentially, zoojoo.be is a game based social wellness platform that unites the organisation’s workforce to form healthier habits. The platform leverages on the tremendous power of the trusted social network at our workplace to motivate employees to form healthier habits.

Earlier to this funding, Zoojoo.be had closed a seed funding round in May this year, which saw participation from prominent angel investors like K Srikrishna, executive director of National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), Vikas Choudhury, and Chandrasekaran Mahadevan of Manipal Health Enterprise.

The platform has over 35,000 users across clients such as Mindtree, Unisys, GE, and so on, and has operations in India and the UAE.

Founded in 2012 by IIM-Bangalore alumni Avinash Saurabh, zoojoo.be has been able to transform itself from an idea to a successful business with paying customers and highly engaged user base.

“With the increasing cost of care, the need of the hour is to shift focus from curative healthcare to preventive healthcare and wellness. I believe that Zoojoo.be’s wellness app with its behavior changing approach will help users bring a positive change in their habits,” said Gurpreet Singh, founder, RoundGlass Partners.

With zoojoo.be, employees can create their own teams with their buddies at work. Teams and communities increase social collaboration and helps them push each other to form better healthy habits. Zoojoo.be is also available on smartphone devices as mobile apps.

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zoojoo.be claims to be used by organizations with employees spread over 4 continents and over 10 countries.


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