Google has just launched a brand new product to get into your home: OnHub, a $199 Wi-Fi router. OnHub is powerful and arguably a new breed of Wi-Fi router which is way different to a regular router you have in your home.

OnHub is created with usability in mind, and designed in such a way that it can improve the Wi-Fi connection to your devices. It’s an AC1900 router, which means fast Wi-Fi on all your devices. OnHub looks like a router that’s smart, advanced, but also widely appealing and dead simple.

OnHub is different from other routers in many ways like it can be controlled by a mobile app (Google’s On app) which has a simple setup process and informs you of any network issues and how to fix them and another feasture that sets it apart from other routers is that unlike your regular router which usually has one to two antennas OnHub has 13 antennas in a circular arrangement, neatly hidden away inside its shell, which help to support its maximum speed of 1900 Mbps.

Moreover, OnHub has capability to support upto 128 connected devices simultaneously. Other features include 4GB of Onboard storage for updates and new features, a dimmable status light.

OnHub has a number of features to make it both powerful and dead-simple to be used by the average users. For example, the router uses “smart software to find the best Wi-Fi connection.” It’s also able to prioritize individual devices to make sure they have quickest connection when needed.

It also has a speaker on top, which it can use to communicate and pair with Android devices by sending bursts of ultrasonic sound. The OnHub also has a reflector that beams a faster and stronger connection directly forward.

Changing the settings on a traditional router can be a nightmare, but OnHub comes with a new “Google On” app that promises to keep things exceedingly simple with plain-English instructions and no need to type local IP addresses into a web browser. The app even offers extra handy features like network monitoring that lets you see what devices on your Wi-Fi are using the most data with a simple visual representation, and you can even use the app to see who’s connected while you’re away from home, or have someone help you remotely. Infinitely handy if you’ve got a family, a data cap, or both.

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Inside its cylindrical-shaped shell are 13 different antennas that radiate Wi-Fi outward at two frequencies: 2.4GHz (a longer-distance frequency that can often be crowded with noise, especially in apartment buildings) and 5GHz (a less crowded frequency that’s shorter range and has trouble with walls).

We are calling OnHub as a new breed of Wi-Fi router as it’s more than just regular-old Wi-Fi. It is prepared for the future with Bluetooth Smart Ready connectivity, 802.15.3, and Weave, Google’s new protocol for the Internet of Things.

OnHub also automatically updates without interrupting your Wi-Fi connection so you’ll always have the latest features and security upgrades.

As long as you have a broadband connection, OnHub is ready for action. It can serve as a replacement for your old router, or if you have a modem+router combination unit, OnHub can act as an upgrade to the router component. It works with cable, DSL, Fiber, and all major Internet service providers.

You can preorder OnHub now for pice tagof $199; Google says it will be shipping “in the coming weeks.”


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