Srini Koppolu, Ex-MD Microsoft India Development center, to announced the launch of hids new venture called VEOOZ, a platform that brings breaking news and relevant stories selected from thousands of local, global news and social media sources usingpatented algorithms. Veooz is founded by Koppolualong with Professor Vasudeva Varma, Dean R&D IIIT-Hyderabad, Dr. Prasad Pingali, experts in search, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) – Veooz has the ability to provide in-depth coverage on stories with related news, pictures, videos and live buzz. Veooz is an easy to use news app available in many languages, for many countries, and can be personalizedbased on user interests.

“With a vision to provide easy access to relevant news to the widest audience across the world, we are making the Veooz app available in 10 languages in India along with the English versions for 40 countries,” said Srini Koppolu, Founder CEO. “Majority of the people from India can use the app in their language and stay current with important stories,” he added

Veooz is the only app that enables the users to experience the stories in many ways. They can skim through the headlines, read a short summary, or the full story. Using 360 feature, they can get in-depth coverage with related stories, pictures, videos, and live buzz. Veooz has the unique capability to pull ‘the buzz’ related to a story, filter out noise and show posts which are meaningful and/or from influential people.

veooz app screens

With more than 100,000 topics to choose from, users can follow general topics such as technology, business, sports, entertainment, fashion, travel or follow specific celebrities, companies, products, cities, hashtags and more. Veooz personalization engine will custom create real time news feed with important stories on the topics user follows.

“Veooz is powered by a highly scalable platform that continuously discovers and analyzes stories from thousands of news, magazine and blog sourcesas well as millions of social media posts, pictures, videos, and selects relevant stories using heuristics based on news and social signals,” said Prasad Pingali, Founder CTO. “Using patented algorithms, auto-curated feeds are generated in real time for 40 countries, 2000 cities, 100k topics,” he added.

Veooz is a FREE app that can be installed on Android and iOS devices. Veooz is also available as a website (www.veooz.com) accessible from any computer or device.

Notably, earlier Veooz used to be social media search & analytics tool owned by Hyderabad based SETU Software Systems Pvt. Ltd. (see here – an article we published about Veooz back in 2012).

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An engineer by education and writer by profession, Suman keeps tab on startup ecosystem of India and leads the research team of IndiaWeb2 for covering funding deals, merger & acquisition and market reports.

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