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Nasscom To Set-Up 16-Acre Startup Warehouse in Gurgaon

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The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) has announced that it is partnering with Government of Haryana to set-up a 16-acre warehouse in Gurgaon to incubate startups & foster a culture of innovation. Notably, this will be first warehouse by Nasscom in northern part of India as it already have warehouses for startups in Bangalore and Kolkata, under NASSCOM’S 10,000 Startup initiative.

Yesterday, Nasscom tweeted about announcement its third startup warehouse in Gurgaon.

Warehouse is a premium co-working space introduced by 10000 Start-ups in August 2013 to create a micro-ecosystem where early stage startup founders can work together, share their learning and best practices with each other. These warehouses can be leased by start-ups for six months at a nominal cost

The association launched its first warehouse back in 2013 in India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore. The Bangalore warehouse was launched in a partnership with the Government of Karnataka followed by its second warehouse in Kolkata in partnership with the West Bengal Government and the Information Technology and Electronics Department of the Government of West Bengal.

In month of May this year, Nasscom had also entered into a strategic partnership with Government of Maharashtra to open a start-up warehouse in Navi Mumbai and Pune.

At the warehouse, startups get a number of facilities, including a 10 Mbps broadband leased line, quality infrastructure with AC, chair, tables, tea/coffee, logistics etc. Also, the warehouse is open 24X7 to work and visit.

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The beneefit of being part of any of the Nasscom’s startup warehouse is that a startup get a central, well connected, plug-and-play working space that is visited frequently by 10,000 Start-ups mentor and investor network to provide one-on-one mentorship to the startups based at the warehouses.

Although the announcement of warehouse in Gurgaon is just made it will take its due course and time to complete and come into existence for startups to apply.

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