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In a latest move to maintain Twitter profiles UI consistency, Twitter has removed background images from web pofiles of its users. That means that if you have earlier adopted a custom background for your profile, it has now been removed from your web profile and twitter will now no longer support it.

You might not noticed it lately but Twitter is removing all custom background images as part of a plan to make the site easier to understand, with custom images now only showing up on certain pages – for example, those that show a single tweet.

A Twitter user profile with custom background images

A Twitter user profile with custom background images

With ‘new’ more consistent Twitter background, Twitter wants to make pages less busy, with the eye drawn to the tweets and other information on screen, rather than the artsy image sat behind them. With less of profile customization Twitter wants to prevent itself from becoming old-school MySpace (remember it?).

However, the move hasn’t gone down too well with Twitter users and quite a few are unhappy and complaning.

Some users have speculated that the changes are to pave the way for adverts which take over the whole background.

The background images however are only available where logged-in users will see them publicly (tweet pages, list pages, and collections pages)

Interstingly, the tools & hacks to undo this change of Twitter are being searched to be a solution of this and a Chrome plug-in already surfacing on Github from a coder in Germany called The Twitter Background Restorer.

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