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Flipkart, with its ongoing hiring spree of senior talent from Silicon Valley, has roped in Yahoo veteran Eric Lange as Flipkart’s new vice president of product management for its customer experience.

Eric Lange is an Ex-VP of product management in the ads division for Yahoo and spearheaded Yahoo’s acquisitions of the mobile advertising and analytics company, Flurry, and the video advertising platform, BrightRoll.

Before joining Yahoo, Lange founded and served as CEO of Flicket.tv, a startup dedicated to streamlining the way internet videos are viewed. He also spent seven years at Google, where from 2010 to 2012 he was Head of Monetization for Asia-Pacific, leading product development and strategy for the company’s advertising business.

Notably, Lange is the third high-profile Silicon Valley figure to join Flipkart this year,along with Soni and Peeyush Ranjan. Soni was a senior product leader at Google and Motorola, where he helped develop some of the world’s most revolutionary products, including Google News, Google Books, Google Plus, Google Mobile and a suite of Motorola Devices including Moto X, Moto G and Moto E, while Peeyush Ranjan spent nine years at Google’s Mountainview, Calif., headquarters, where he managed Google’s Android One engineering group and Motorola’s Value Devices engineering group and was Managing Director of Google India for research and development.

Soni and Ranjan joined Flipkart this year as Chief Product Officer and Senior Vice President and Head of Engineering at Flipkart, respectively

Flipkart-owned, Myntra similarly announced that Google Chromecast co-founder, Ambarish Kenghe has been appointed as its senior vice-president and head of product.

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