housing ceo

housing ceo

Mumbai-based real estate portal Housing.com has named its chief operating officer (COO) Rishabh Gupta as interim CEO,that is, for the meantime he will serve as CEO of Housing.com , a week after cofounder and former CEO Rahul Yadav was sacked amid series of controversies.

His appointment is effective immediately, Jonathan Bullock, SoftBank’s representative on Housing’s board, said in an internal email titled ‘Moving forward & Looking up’. SoftBank is the largest stakeholder in Housing.com.

Rishabh is a former employee of Flipkart and Hindustan Times Media Ltd. and had been effectively running Housing during the past few months of turmoil in the company because of Yadav’s run-ins with investors and others.

Rishabh along with Housing’s first angel investor Haresh Chawla, and chief technical officer (CTO) Abhishek Anand will also join an operating committee.

Housing.com is currently controlled by SoftBank, which has a 32% stake in Housing. The Japanese firm has formed an executive committee that controls Housing’s finances and operations, and is led by Bullock, who recently replaced SoftBank’s president Nikesh Arora on the Housing board.

Housing has attracted more than Rs 760 crore in funding and currently valued at over Rs 1,500 crore.



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