Singapore-based startup Spini sets up base in India at Chennai with first round of funding from Walden International. The company raised S$1 Million from Walden International to fuel India expansion and development of its platform.

With a mobile app, Spini is an online marketplace where you can sell qualified sales opportunity information to sales professionals & businesses.

The increasingly crowded Indian market with brands jostling for customer attention across various platforms is set to undergo a significant paradigm shift. The launch of a unique online marketplace app, “Spini”, aims to open up a new horizon of business opportunities for common people and salespersons. The Start-up operated by a lean yet strong technology backed team spread across Chennai, Bangalore and Singapore aims to play a crucial role in connecting people with the right information at the right time.

Established in Singapore in 2014 by Eddie Chau, Shankar G and Chong-Kian Soh, Chennai becomes the first city where Spini is being launched in addition to a strong presence in Bangalore and Singapore. Being a marketplace, people can post information related to a customer planning for a purchase and salesperson bid for and buy those as leads. Spini offers users ways to make money on information they hold and the salesperson gains a qualified lead where his chances of closing the sale are much higher and his productivity increases.

While the app has just been launched in Chennai, the company is planning to cover more cities soon and is confident of closing millions of transactions across India. In the coming years, the India operations and Singapore team will serve as the hub for all developing markets in India and the rest of Asia.

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