A Bangalore based startup pioneering in providing software solutions on the cloud has become one of the fastest growing Indian company in a short duration of time. SalesBabu Business Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a 2008 established IT startup catering to customers all around the globe.

SalesBabu CRM aims to provide the companies with an easy to use interface for managing their company’s sales leads and opportunities. The Bangalore headquartered company has some powerful sales process management tools on the offer that have been devised to automate the client’s sales workflow and insightful graphs so as to keep the management timely informed.

On-Demand CRM is getting popular and organizations are talking advantage of cloud solutions, especially in SME, segments which are emerging markets for CRM. However, where, other existing CRM sfotwares were tuned more towards the Western market working style; SalesBabu has come up with CRM solution which is highly Flexible & Robust and can fit to all sizes.

Founded in 2008 by Mr. Shashi Saurav, SalesBabu CRM is a very modern, web-based application that helps companies manage their leads and customers. Its smooth, easy-to-use interface and powerful process management tools, makes using SalesBabu a worthwhile experience.

According to Saurav, the thing that sets SalesBabu apart from his competitors is their security management feature. Every piece of information is managed by the company’s cloud server without any confusion. Further, SalesBabu’s selling prices are very competitive & more reasonable than any of the companies currently in the market.

With SalesBabu, Saurav aims to build a place where SME comes and find their business software as per their needs.

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So, if you’re looking for someone to manage all your business functions like lead management, contact management, account management, activity management under one pipeline, then log on to right away.

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