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Shopping wasn’t this easy two years ago. Nowadays, we can have the latest gadgets, the latest fashion accessories, the minute they are launched and that too without stepping out from the comfort of our house. This has been made possible because of the boon of the various ecommerce portals offering products ranging from a facewash to a washing machine. But, there’s a flip side to this story too. While these ecommerce portals have surely been a boon to the consumers but their unprecedented rise has had a huge impact on the business of small traders. In order to take control of the situation, Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), the apex body of small traders, has decided to launch their very own ecommerce portal in the period of next three months.

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) will develop an e-commerce platform called ‘e-lala’ on a nationwide basis to help small traders

The proposed portal, ‘e-Lala‘, is expected to act as a direct interface between the consumers and the sellers. This means, there won’t be any third party involved during the whole process, which will ultimately save the consumers money as they will not have to pay the commission component.

The ecommerce portal proposal was discussed at the recently held CAIT council meeting.

The committee is in discussions with technology companies to evaluate the cost of setting up and maintaining the site. As per sources, the committee’s final draft will be ready in three months.

The small traders body has constituted a committee for the implementation of the plan and its national president BC Bhartia has been appointed as the chairman of the committee.

“It will be the first ecommerce portal in the country by the traders for the traders. It will be a location-based portal wherein traders from different cities will be registered under their respective category of items. Consumers will have the option to buy either online or from the physical store of the chosen seller,” said Bhartia in a statement to a national daily.

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According to the initial plan, each seller will have his/her own website at the portal and in order to ensure smooth functioning, there would be a technical team present in each city. Trade associations across India are expected to get associated with the e-Lala.

According to Praveen Khandelwal, secretary-general, CAIT, since ecommerce has become a promising business, an ecommerce portal like e-Lala that provides an additional marketplace for the traders was the need of the hour.


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