Two Indian business women have taken the Indian startup scene by storm. What started as a luxury website meant only for a niche audience, has now grown into one of the most loved online magazine that there is right now.

Priyanka Gill, who entered the online business segment with a United Kingdom based luxury magazine ‘eStylista’ is now the proud founder of POPxo, a startup magazine based out of New Delhi. The other co-founder of the website is an Oxford Scholar, Namrata Bostrom. She is also the CEO of the company.

According to Priyanka Gill, who is also the Editor-in-chief of the magazine along with being the founder, “We wanted to build a funded business, and wanted it to be quick.”

According to her, eStylista failed due to a lack of branding issue and growth. The failure of her first venture made Priyanka rethink about her entire strategy about what quality substance she could offer to her audience that would also make the monetary gods happy alike.

The magazine, which has names like Hello! Pakistan CEO Zahra Saifullah, former Elle India Editor-In-Chief Nonit onboard on its ‘Style Council ‘, offers quality material on lifestyle and sex related issues.

POPxo Cofounders Priyanka Gill and Namrata Bostrom (Image Credit -

POPxo Cofounders Priyanka Gill and Namrata Bostrom (Image Credit –

According to Namrata, “We stumbled upon the content.” “We started with something we thought people wanted to read, but not everything worked.”Namrata said this in a statement to the Forbes.

She further adds, “We discovered articles discussing high-end fashion did work, then we discovered that beauty is always a bigger win than fashion, then found lifestyle, relationships, and stories related to feminine hygiene and sexual health all worked really well.”

Having figured out what content they wanted to offer, the next big challenge for them was to draw the line between what the Indian readers would find readable and acceptable within the sex and lifestyle domain.

Their prime goal of POPxo is to create content that is normal, humorous and not boring. The next stop for the online magazine is to become the country’s largest digital media company for women.

“We’re building a sub-set focused on a female audience because we believe this creates a more focused demographic for brands,” said Gill in a statement.

According to her, their advertising deals have a very important role to play in the success of the magazine. A lot of advertisers have realized that in majority of the Indian households, the finances are handled by the woman of the house and POPxo being a magazine targeted at women, provides the advertisers with the perfect platform for their products and services.

The online website has attracted a lot of Angel investors and infact in November 2014, POPxo even raised INR 3 crores from Google India Head Rajan Anandan, CaratLane’s Mithun Sancheti (via Chennai Angels), HUssein Kkanji and others.

POPxo is currently run by a team of 10 women based out of Delhi and Mumbai. In order to reach out to more and more of its readers, the company has also launched its website in Hindi.


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