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After smartphones, smartwatches, smartcars, It’s time now to make way for smart clothing. I know, you must as shocked after hearing the term “smart clothing” as I was but technology, I guess, has an habit of shocking us with innovations that we cannot even imagine in our wildest dreams.

Technology giant, Google, has decided to revamp our fashion sense by introducing smart clothing, a conductive textile material that has a unique quality of blending and getting woven into any fabric.

Google has already entered into a partnership with popular fashion brand, Levi’s, to create this smart clothing under the project name Jacquard Project. Project Jacquard makes it possible to weave touch and gesture interactivity into any textile using standard, industrial looms.Everyday objects such as clothes and furniture can be transformed into interactive surfaces.

The tech giant’s ATAP research team revealed the entire process involved in the creation of the clothing at the Google I/O 2015. The ATAP team worked with a number of textile makers in order to weave the smart material into several other materials.The clothing will be made available in almost every colour and thickness.
A jacket made under the Jacquard project was premiered on stage by ATAP in I/O 2015. The launched jacket was unique as it could double up as a touchpad. Yes, touchpad!

The material used for making the jacket was pressure sensitive and had the potential to develop hovering motions. Further, the jacket’s material has thr capability to dial a contact in your phonebook with just a swipe.

Google decided to partner with Levi’s as it knew that having a good technology in place won’t be enough to attract people into wear its smart clothing. So, in order to get its fashion sense on, the tech giant made an intelligent decision to partner with Levi’s under Jacquard.

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With the smart clothing, one will now be able to cut a phone call without disturbing anyone in the midst of a conversation, or switch songs easily while enjoying your morning run.Further, the technology can also be woven into any size of your choice.

Project Jacquard will allow designers and developers to build connected, touch-sensitive textiles into their own products.

A few days ago, the tech giant had also launched Project Solis– a tiny sized radar capable of turning your hands and fingers into a user interface.



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