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There’s another treat in store for all you technology lovers out there and this time it’s cheap and extremely affordable.

This time, we are talking about a $9 price tag computer. Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, that’s technology for you. They always accomplish what we might have not even imagined in wildest of our dreams.

Being called as the world’s cheapest computer till date, this $9 wonder is slimmer than a credit card. It is a tiny chip that can be used for editing documents, browsing the internet and playing games.

This smallest is called as C.H.I.P is even cheaper than the 2012 launched $35 Raspberry Pi. If used rightly, the chip is capable of powering a wide range of small connected devices where cost-effectiveness and portability are of prime importance.

Such is the popularity and acceptability of the product that the team achieved its kickstarter goal of $50,000 with 26 days left for its campaign to expire.The chip’s offers limited features when compared to other advanced computer but considering the price, it’s a very good buy.

$9 computer

chip original

Considering it’s just a chip, you will have to spend money in buying your own keyboard, mouse and display to make it into a full consumer-ready product. C.H.I.P. has built in WiFi + Bluetooth. Connect to the internet and attach a keyboard and mouse WIRELESSLY!

Talking about the chip’s software, it offers Linux as its pre-installed operating system and also has a number of other pre-installed programs. The chip comes with VLC media player for playing movie and songs, LibreOffice for editing spreadsheets and documents and Google Chromium for the user’s browsing needs.

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The chip’s 512 MB of RAM, 1Ghz processor and 4 GB of storage makes it a little difficult to play heavy games but the chip can easily handle simple games with simple graphics. The chip further comes with Bluetooth, which means one can easily connect a video game controller to the computer.

For the ones looking to build their own connected devices, this chip might just prove to be the best bet.The chip can be pre-ordered at its kickstarter project page and it is expected to be shipped to its backers by the end of this year.

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