Losing a loved one is the greatest loss that mankind can experience. It is one of those things in which the money that most of us are really proud of, is of no use at all. At the top of it, losing a child is a grief that can’t be explained in words. The government of India seems to have finally understood the gravity of loss and launched a platform called Khoya Paya to help those grief stricken parents, uncles, grand- parents reconnect with their lost tiny angels.

Khoya Paya is a Government of India launched website that aims to provide a platform for those seeking information of missing, sighted or found children.

Currently in beta, the website has a potential of becoming a great communication medium between the family of a missing child and someone who might have spotted the child somewhere.

The website is very easy to use and has every necessary detail listed in great detail. It lists out all the required steps to take if your child or some child from your family has gone missing.

One can report a case of missing child in the KhoyaPaya portal, however It is mandatory to register FIR as well with the Police in case of missing child.

Every user on the platform needs to first register himself/herself on the site. Notably, one cannot register with the portal without a mobile phone. The cases reported in the portal would be made public only after checking by the moderators.The platform also allows to register details about a child found under some suspicious conditions. whole heartedly support this Government of India initiative.



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