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The ever flourishing Indian startup is attracting everone into it from foreign investors, big foreign banks to big estabilished brands. And now, one of a celebrity/actress, activist and a former Ms. India, Gul Panag has launched a mobile startup called – MobieFit, a start-up focused on health and fitness centered mobile apps. Gul Panag is a Co-Founder of Mobiefit.

The App has not been launched for public use yet and will be released in next week. MobieFit is one among many ventures born at Prototyze, a Goa-based incubator founded by Gourav Jaswal.

Gourav is also the co-founder and Director of MobieFit and founder of Prototyze. He started his first business at the age of twenty-one and since then has built half-a-dozen growing, profitable companies

People know Gul Panag as an actress, a social activist, a television commentator and a former Ms. India. But she’s also an icon for fitness for over a decade. Gul is a serial half-marathon runner and has been featured in multiple media about her fitness routine and her running philosophy. Besides running, her passions include cycling, trekking and tennis. She is in the process of writing a book on fitness.

Gul takes conscious activism to all her endeavors and is an ambassador for women’s fitness and running. Passionate about all things technology, Gul sees mobile apps as the major catalyst of the next wave of fitness. One of India’s most powerful opinion makers and thought leaders, she is now the Co Founder of MobieFit.

Prototyze is an incubator based out of Goa, currently working in stealth mode on building mobile technology centered businesses in multiple sectors such as Financial Services, Health & Fitness, and Training & Learning. Two ventures catalyzed by Prototyze (MobieFit and HandyTrain) have already been incorporated as independent companies with independent teams, investment and trajectory.

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