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How Employee Monitoring Software Can Be Used To Monitor Remote Employees

The way in which work is conducted has changed to such an extent that employees of a firm don’t always work from the office. A lot of companies have now begun to hire employees who work from their homes. These remote employees are very much a part of the company but aren’t required to come in to work on a daily basis but instead can update the employer regarding the status of the work from home. Employees irrespective of whether they work from home or from the office need to be monitored in today’s day and age. Companies have begun to make use of third party employee monitoring software’s which can automatically keep a record of what an employee does on a computer during the time they are meant to be working. Such software’s can be used for both at work and remote employees.

It is certainly easier to monitor employees through an employee monitoring software while they are within the workplace however this doesn’t mean that remote employees can’t be monitored. With proper organization, they too can be kept track of. The following are some steps which may make this possible for an employer to do while making use of an employee monitoring software.

  1. If employees do their work from home, make them connect to a remote desktop on which you can install the employee monitoring software. By doing so, the software will be able to monitor employees while they are part of the connection even if they are working from home and this will ultimately cause them to do work which is only meant to be done for the company and will also provide you as an employer with legal rights to monitor them. Similarly, employees are also likely to feel secure because if they wish to access personal accounts such as their bank accounts while on their computers, they will know that the connection is one which is secure. Hence one of the solutions which can be used is to install an employee monitoring software on the company’s server side while at the same time letting the employee know not to use the connection for personal work.
  2. If you have provided a laptop belonging to the company to the employee working from home, as an employer you have the legal rights to monitor the usage and this can be achieved by installing an employee monitoring software onto the laptop to monitor the activities. Employees should also be told not to make use of their company laptops for any personal work which they may have. The way in which an employee monitoring software works is that it launches automatically and continues to collect data without the knowledge of the employee and records whatever is being done. Once the laptop is connected to the company’s network, the data which has been recorded will be sent to the centralized location.
  3. If your employees make use of their own laptops or computers when doing office work, you can simply install an employee monitoring software onto their computers. To ensure that the privacy of the employee is maintained, they can be told to only begin the software while they are working on office related tasks and to keep it switched off when working on personal things. The way in which the monitoring software works is that it would automatically record the user name, internet usage, documents and applications. The data which is recorded would then be automatically sent to a location from where the employer himself will access it. It is also possible that employees can be asked to generate reports and to submit them on their own via email to the company.

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