Phones have now become an indispensable part of our lives. It is no longer a luxury that only a few people enjoyed. The technology has now made a smooth transition from a luxury to a necessity. We are so much dependent on our phones nowadays that even an hour without it leaves us anxious and makes us feel awkward and out of touch from our surroundings.

Considering the amount of time we spend on our phones, having the best phone according to their needs is on the priority list of many but with a plethora of content available on the net; the process becomes a tidbit complicated.

In order to bail the people out of their phone buying troubles, a Hyderabad startup, ENIXTA Innovations, has come up with a product discovery platform called Buysmaart.com. The platform with its artificial intelligence technology recommends the best phone for you, depending on your wants and feature needs.

According to Giri Devanathan, CEO and founder, ENIXTA Innovations, artificial intelligence is the next big thing in computing and his company is working towards in keeping pace with this trend.

The Hyderabad based artificial intelligence startup helps people make the right product decision and saves them a lot of time and money in the process. It does so by making use of a combination of personalization, artificial intelligence algorithms and a simple yet intuitive User interface. The platform decomposes the buying decision into two categories– 1) What to buy and 2) Where to buy.

The product discovery platform provides its users with a customized search option, through which they can express the importance different features of the phone according to their needs. For example, a customer who gives more importance to phone storage will get phones with good storage ranked above in his/her search result.

Not only this, the platform also provides its users with a list of retailers from which they can buy the selected phone. Whenever a user will click on a retailer’s link through buysmaart.com, the startup would get a commission for the click.

The platform is currently catering to only phone needs of the customers. According to Giri, the startup plans to venture into other categories like laptops, cars, camera etc. in the near future.

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