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Facebook users who want an interesting visualization of their activity on the world’s largest social network can get it with the help of Intel’s new Museum of Me application.

The Museum of Me is an interactive movie aimed to elevate the Intel brand and promote its smart new processor. Users create their own museum exhibits just by connecting to Facebook.

By visualizing elements such as your Facebook friends, photos and Likes, The Museum of Me reveals who you are as a reflection of your social graph. This visual experience links to the core value of Intel, which connects people through their digital lives. The experience led users to share their museum photos, which created significant WoM on Facebook.

When users surf to the Museum of Me page, they’ll find an image asking them to connect the service to Facebook. After no more than a minute of waiting, a video tour takes users through a “visual archive of your social life.”

As the tour commences, users will “walk” through rooms, showing the profile pictures of friends, personal photos, videos from their profiles, and much more. The “museum” also includes a collection of status updates and other content posted to their wall. Another room shows the user’s location information on a map.

Overall, Intel’s Museum of Me is a must try, at least once for facebook users. It’s a really neat tool that does a fine job of collecting all the information from your Facebook page and doling it out in a fun exhibit.

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