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Indian Defence Research Orgnization Boast To Develop Invisible Airplane

Indian Defence Research Orgnization Boast To Develop Invisible Airplane 8

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Defence Research of Development Organisation (DRDO), India’s premier research organisation is planning to co-develop an Indian scientist promoted technology that could make planes invisible by making use of pre-Mahabharata sage Bharadwaj’s formulae.

According to Satish Kumar, Chief controller in-charge of research and development at DRDO, the organisation is open to developing any technology which helps save cost and time. Kumar gave this statement to IANS during the Bharatiya Vigyan Sammelan which took place from 5th to 8th February at Kala Academy, Panaji, Goa . The Sammelan aims at creating awareness about traditional indigenous sciences and technologies and linking it to more modern sciences.

DRDO is ready to look at an invisibility enhancing alloy manufactured by Indian scientist C.S.R Prabhu using ancient techniques, said Kumar. According to Parbhu, the technology can have a potential use for radar defying stealth planes.

Prabhu’s presentation of an invisibility enhancing alloy was one of the high points of the three day long Bharatiya Vigyan Sammelan, which saw the attendance of some of scientists from several states of India. Scientists from the government sector were also present at the Sammelan.

According to Prabhu, the formulae for the invisibility enhancing alloy has been taken from pre-Mahabharata sage Bharadwaj’s book ‘Brihad Viman Shastra’. He even claims that the technology has the potential to makes planes invisible as it absorbed 80 percent of the light. Prabhu is a former head of the central government’s National Informatics Centre.

According to Kumar, each and every indigenous technology needs to be nurtured. He further adds that any technology which has the potential to save cost and times was of utmost interest to DRDO. Kumar has earlier been associated with various prestigious DRDO programmes including developing liquid propellant rocket engines for Agni and Pritvi missiles.

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