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Mumbai Based TrackNext Is New Social Business/Professional Network For Everyone


tracknext is a new online platform that uses a scientific approach to scope people from all around the world and then associates them with a distinct connexion called ‘Business’. Categorically TrackNext is Social Professional Networking

People at TrackNext like to call themselves a Business Social Network that engages professionals and businesses to connect with each other and market their businesses. They even provide students with an opportunity to compete with each other for scholarships and win career opportunities. The site’s inbuilt algorithm can maintain a sundry of data points which ranges from the person’s location to his or her industry skills to his or her educational qualifications. This ultimately unites people in developing a good rapport with each other.

The company provides a platform for exchanging information, publishing jobs, events, tacks and offers and that too with a single click.

In this 21st century, career has become the centre point in everyone’s life. It is the locus around which everything else revolves. works as a career platform which measures people intrinsically and then matches them to a career which will suit them the best.

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Students can gain some real-time experience with the help of tracking professionals and businesses. The platform even helps them by creating circles of Institutions and Colleges for them to win various scholarships.

The platform is great for professionals as they can raise their profile and then get jobs of their own choice. They can even create their profile as freelancers and showcase their amazing work and portfolios. By using the platform’s Workspace, professionals can do teamwork within their private and public network.

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The platform’s business pages are search engine optimized so that the businesses can promote and market their products and attract more customers. By using the platform, businesses can also get feedbacks and opinions about their brand. was founded by Saurabh Sarkar and Ankit V. in 2014. The Mumbai based startup has goal to build strong bonding between professionals, students and businesses by eradicating multiple efforts and problems which they face in building their professional and social networks.

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