wearables prevent road accidents


1.3 million deaths, this is what the annual ballpark figure of road accidents is. That accounts for 3287 deaths a day. Moreover, 20-25 million are left crippled and injured. Nothing could impede the perils of such mishaps, be it acts, laws, training, slogans, etc. The ascending graph needs to be shepherded to downward slope. Playing with own and others’ life now has to get its stop button. And what else can be this stop button? Yes, none other than technology! The latest entered android wears is believed to be the lives savior. Android wears already exhibit varied pragmatic applications in our day-to-day life, but its aid to culminate the life threatening accidents was not yet brought into the picture.

Never before connection between car and driver

One out of five accidents takes place when the driver unintentionally lands himself in a sleeping mode. Get your eyes off and you invite an accident. Smart watches when worn around your wrist bounce back the signing in a nap, thus averting the car crash. The built in sensors, by its algorithm detects the movement frequency and velocity, analyzing the driver’s frame of mind. And before the sleep dissolves in wearer’s eyes, perpetual vibrations on the wrist throw it out of the eyes. Consciousness therefore remains intact throughout, especially when the journey is longsome. Nissan, the mammoth car manufacturer, is all set to unveil its smart watch. “Never before connection between car and driver” is what this giant claims. The watch would constantly feed drivers with essentials like fuel consumption, average speed and vehicle function data.

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Must be expecting more, after all, Nissan is being talked about? A plethora of services can be monitored via your watch, from oil change to tires rotated to refill your windshield wiper fluid and so on. Now from cars, shifting to you, Nissan also has a lot to get to keep a check on you. Heart rate, brainwave activity, etc is what watch scans, immediately sweeping away the approaching distractions (dizziness, sleep, etc), allowing you to halt the car sideways and rest a little.

Keeping pedestrians safe!

Bike and car clash are no more destined to happen. A gadget, Rider Alert when hooked to your car, with Bluetooth and specific app ID, would alert the driver about the nearby bikers. Thus, lurking danger would never reach both the car and the biker. That day is not away when your hand held phone would ditto the traffic signals. Every day, there are thousands who cross over while crossing crosswalks carelessly. Thus, the need of formula to deal with it tactically. The pedestrian posts would be set up with Bluetooth to alert the pedestrians when close by crosswalks. How would be the signal like? Screens on your device flashing red light, instructing walkers to look up and halt until the green reappears.

In this pace battle, we tend to forget about the importance of life. These technical inventions are the means that would neutralize our negligence. It might not eradicate accidents but it is definitely a positive step forward. Substantial mitigation in accidents is assured. Something with the potential to save lives, really a positive attribute towards technology.

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