will.i.am Announces i.amPULS, World’s First Untethered Smartband Wearable Device

Musician, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and Founder of i.am+ will.i.am tonight unveiled his new smartband wearable device, i.amPULS, at the i.am+ keynote presentation during Dreamforce 2014.

The industry-first PULS wearable is untethered and has the ability to make/receive calls and operates independently of any smartphone, whereas most wearables use Bluetooth and require close proximity to a smartphone. This mean no smartphone is necessary to use the i.amPULS and this was done very deliberately.

The device has 1 GB of memory, 16 GB of storage, 780 mA of power, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, a pedometer and accelerometer and will run untethered on a 3G cellular network provided exclusively through AT&T.


PULS features an intelligent personal assistant “AneedA” powered by Nuance Communications. Developed with a “voice first, touch second” functionality, AneedA is an intuitive personal assistant that takes dictation for texts and emails, plays music, posts to social media, queues maps and a fitness app, schedules appointments, make calls, and more.

The device will launch in stores across US by the end of the year for a price of $499, a little high for our taste but some people will surely hand over their money for this product without blinking. Although, when the device will be launched in rest of countries like India is still unclear.

In an interactive showcase that featured music, video, imagery, poetry, and a fashion runway show, will.i.am demonstrated the i.amPULS smartband is truly the industry’s first standalone communications device.

“i.amPULS represents digital freedom, individuality, intelligence and the intersection where fashion and technical innovation meet,” said will.i.am. “I’m honored to share my vision for the PULS with this global audience.”

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Founded by musician and entrepreneur will.i.am, i.am+ is a entrepreneurial entity nurturing powerful and developing technology into products and ideas driven by innovation. i.am+ is positioned at the intersection of pop-tech and fashionology. i.am+ is a way of life, a culture that empowers and inspires.


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