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Drivekool: India’s First Driving School Booking Portal

Drivekool: India’s First Driving School Booking Portal

drivekool is India’s first driving school booking site. It’s a cloud based innovative platform that acts as a bridge between motor driving schools and their customers. For those who look to learn driving, it provides totally new and pleasant user experience of learning driving. Searching school based on various search criteria and rating while having a cup of coffee to become possible, thanks to this solution. They can complete process of booking a training slot in a matter of few clicks versus visiting multiple schools physically, which is highly inconvenient.

The portal was launched by Mahesh Gidwani, Saumitrya Kayal and Kumar Gaurav and already has served few of hundred customers through 50+ affiliated driving schools across Bangalore. Drivekool now have major motor driving schools including Bimal Maruti Driving School on its platform.

(L-R) Mahesh Gidwani, Kumar Gaurav and Saumitra Kayal, Co-founders of Drivekool

(L-R) Mahesh Gidwani, Kumar Gaurav and Saumitra Kayal, Co-founders of Drivekool

On asking on how all this came together, Mahesh recollects “My wife always wanted to learn how to drive. I had a busy schedule and whenever I went to the driving school, I either couldn’t find responsible person there or didn’t see the kind of professionalism that I was expecting. Also my wife wasn’t comfortable speaking to them because of the language barrier.” Frustration of dealing with all these led him and his cohorts to start ‘Drivekool’.”

With a team of 5 members, Gaurav is looking after the sales and marketing, Saumitra shoulders the responsibility of creating technology platform at Drivekool and Mahesh looks after the overall operation at the company and a go to person for everything and anything.

“Drivekool is using LAMP Stack with Symfony framework for its day-to-day work. Also, it is a non-funded, bootstrapped start-up venture which is offering first of its kind service in the country.” says Saumitra.
Regarding expansion plan is currently providing services only in Bangalore, and intent on spreading across India in near future.

According to Kumar “Brand building and customer acquisition are the key challenges that keep us awake. Besides, managing with limited resources is always something that I guess most of the star-up have to deal with.”

While discussing major problem that they are trying to solve team says “As already mentioned, major problem for customers are to finding credible driving schools with best rates and quality service solves that problem with the help of technology. We not only help customers book training slots but also help with other RTO services such as driving license, change of address, registration and so on”.

They also are running various campaigns to spread road safety awareness to keep our road safe for one and all. Taking up the challenge of avoiding honking or blowing horn while driving and nominating five friends for the same is one of the campaigns Drivekool is running on social networking platforms.

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