“A plan is only as good as those who see it through.” Well, there are bunch of people who see it through more often and are way better than most of us. And, isn’t that just cool? goes out of their way and make sure you end up making your outing a special one.

Founded in 2014 and based out of Delhi, Strollup works on planning your intra city hangouts. Currently in beta launch phase and testing with 50 users, they would soon launch. Users can get access on request by posting on their FB page

Co-founded by Abhishek (IIT-D graduate), Ankur and Sahil (Ex-amazon employees), Siddharth and Prerna (DTU graduates); the idea to go ahead with Strollup struck them when Ankur was busy planning his friend’s birthday party and was not able to come up with a cool place to hangout which would satisfy everyone’s needs. Ankur recollects “We saw that most people go to the same old places, but they want to find new experiences around them. They don’t want to take the pain to search for places and try to fit the pieces together.”

founders strollup

On asking how they are different from other companies in the market, Abhishek says “day to day outing and multiple user interest is where all our thought process is pooled. There are a lot of companies in the market that are planning your multi-day trips covering multiple cities. But there are not many that suggest memorable experiences in the city live you live in. Frequency of intra-city hangouts is far more than trips and still there experience gets unnoticed. We enhance this experience of picnics, birthdays, anniversaries or anything related to your regular hangouts”.

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Strollup is a self-funded organisation and is not partnering with anyone as of now. Looking to have active users in 10 cities by the end of 2015, they also have 5 interns working on the project.

“Group Planning is the common motto we are working on. Moreover, every company provides trips and hangouts based on single person’s needs. What they don’t consider are the people one would be going with. So whenever you make a plan, there would be someone who won’t like it. As they say, it’s hard to please everyone. We want to provide a platform which gives personalized view of a group rather than an individual. StrollUp would be like your personal plan buddy, who knows all your different groups and, plans suitable experiences that would satisfy every member of the group” says Abhishek, who also tells about the extensive algorithm that is being used at their organisation “we plan the hangout with 6 different types of activities: Eat/Drink, Dessert, Play, Visit, Movie, Malls/Market. If we have at least 1000 places in each category in a city, the total plans would be in the order of 10^9. Then we take all user group preferences such as cost, distance, time and filter the plans and then run our rule engine that removes the absurd plans and comes up with 1000 plans. We rate all the remaining plans on various criteria (travel details, distance b/w places, user reviews) and show you the top 15 plans”.

Coming up with something new within the company is also a glimpse on how fresh they are, as all the co-founders decided to be a manager of one of the other co-founder, hence all the management issues can now be solved at an equal level. Definitely a message to be learned for the upcoming start-ups. Also, they have made sure that if any of the members leave, the work shouldn’t be hampered and everyone should be replaceable (though for the good times to come, we hope that never happens!).

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With so much happening in this fast paced world, Ankur says, “they always want to launch their product tomorrow and are working hard to do it ASAP.” With an assurance of giving their customers a time to remember provided they want to experience it leisurely with their loved ones, we would like to wish them all the luck they need to get to the top notch of the market.

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