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PressPlay, a unique Delhi-based startup which provides tablets to passengers who travel long journeys in buses for a cost of Rs.100 is on verge of expansion. See our earlier coverage of PressPlay

Other than raising the standard of traveling for people in India, what is even more interesting is that the company is about to start crowdsourcing their content. From student filmmakers to upcoming music artists, funny home videos to short documentaries, the company has opened its doors to the crowd to send in all kinds of material. “It’s a great way to get fresh content and let people showcase and test their work in front of the masses. With the help of internal tools, we will be able to tell them how the response has been and further help them promote their work”, said Anand, the co-founder and CEO of PressPlay. Anand was ex-Zomato employee.

PressPlay is operational since four months only. The portable tab-providing entertainment service is already in 10 cities across India and aims to be in 15 more cities by the year-end.

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Anand also said – “Entertaining 5000 customers on a daily basis is what our aim is for this year and we surely are on our way to achieving it.”

From personally introducing the service and selling to travelers on every bus, PressPlay has already started taking pre-orders online. “We want to increase our reach and make it very simple for our customers. Getting a PressPlay tab while traveling should be as easy as a Google search”, said the Head of Content team.

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Just last month PressPlay raised $500,000 (Rs.3 crore apprx.) in funding from a group of undisclosed angel investors.

The tablets which PressPlay provides to its customers can be attached to the seats and are pre-loaded with movies and music. In its initial days the startup launched a pilot project in April this year by travelling to Amritsar in a bus with 10 tablets pre-loaded with five movies each for Rs 100 and managed to sell them.


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