Does sipping tea at regular intervals release you of all your stress? But when it comes to making one, you end up dropping the idea altogether. Well, not anymore. ChotuChaiWala.com has come to the rescue of all the tea lovers of Mumbai.

Chotu Chai Wala, as its website quotes is the first online tea store currently catering only in bandra region of Mumbai city. At ChotuChaiWala.com you can order tea and get it delivered at your doorstep from different local tea stalls across Mumbai streets. To make your tea sipping experience smoother and easier, they also offer subscriptions for one week, two weeks or one month.

chotuchaiwala_tea_vendorZepo, which is an eCommerce website building platform, is behind this initiative. Zepo was started in 2011 by Nitin Purswani and is a Morpheus Gang Company. The dedication and discipline which the chaiwalas followed from sunrise to sunset in serving tea to hundreds and hundreds of people inspired Zepo to start ChotuChaiWala.com.

Chotu Chai Wala started its operations in May this year by tying up with 4 different chaiwalas in Bandra region of Mumbai. There eCommerce website is fully functional with all the products and features neatly listed. All the profits that Zepo makes from ChotuChaiWala.com directly goes to the tea vendors. In future, it has a plan of including coffee and savory items in its menu and expanding its reach to other cities of the country.

Chotu Chai Wala started its operations from Bandra because it is one of the biggest business centres in the city with a lot of offices. They started out by approaching local tea vendors with their idea and within a few days of hard work, four tea vendors agreed to buy an online store which Zepo helped setup. In order to promote and market their online store to customers, Zepo also provided the tea vendors with customized paper cups and T Shirts.

Social Media was used to spread the word around. Recently, Zepo also hosted a Twitter Competition to promote the website and the hashtag #ChotuGoesOnline was trending on Twitter for most of the day.

The number of orders on the website keeps growing from day to day. As soon as they receive an order, they forward the details of the order to one of the chaiwalas based on delivery address through an SMS and then they take it up from there.

ChotuChaiWala.com believes when tradition meets technology, it’s a win for society.

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    Thanks a lot for covering ChotuChaiwala.com guys! We are sure the Mumbai ‘Chai Walas’ will be really happy to hear about it.

    Team Zepo

  2. @zepo Trish check this out! @trishalamoryani

  3. @zepo Trish check this out! @trishalamoryani

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