How many times have you reached your office or college late? How many times you have been denied entry into a concert because you were late by 20 minutes? Traffic is one of the major hurdles faced in the everyday life by the citizens of the nation with the second largest population in the world. But now with, it’s time to say goodbye to all your traffic woes. Now get set to reach your destination on time or even before time.

Traffline is available as website as well as Mobile app for Android and iOS devices users free of cost and can also been accessed on its mobile site

Traffline has been designed with the best of features to improve your daily commute by saving time and fuel money. It helps you in finding the quickest route by telling you the travel time on all the routes leading to your destination by factoring in real time traffic conditions.

You can even subscribe to paid real time alerts to remain updated on events and incidents in your area such as concerts, rallies and protests that may choke the traffic on the routes on which you intend to travel.

The app also provides paid Live Agent Assistance in which the agent guides you through the best routes to your destination.

You can subscribe to the apps’ paid personalized alerts to know the traffic condition of your route before you venture out. You can get automated text messages at the time of your choice to know the latest on the traffic conditions on your specific route through this feature.

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Birds Eye Systems, which is a Mumbai based start-up, is behind this wonder app. Traffline was launched in 2013 and has been accepted by the users with open hands.

Ravi Khemani and Brijraj Vaghani, the two founders of the start-up got the idea for Traffline while working in the US. They observed that in US, everyone was habitual of looking at traffic information before stepping out of the house and this resulted in much easier and worry less travel and traffic conditions. They soon realized that such an app would do wonders in a traffic crazy nation like India and with this intention the duo returned to the country.

Traffline currently provides traffic information and updates for Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Delhi and has future plans of expanding in other cities. It has been highly endorsed by Bangalore, Thane and Mumbai Traffic Police for its reliability and accuracy.

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