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India might be having the slowest internet speed in Asia but the cyber criminals in the country are for sure having a ball. According to a recently released Delhi High Court-commissioned report, Cyber Crimes have cost India losses worth Rs. 24,630 crore i.e. around USD $4 billion, in the last year alone.

According to the report, the cyber criminals have become much more advanced and used sophisticated means like spear-phishing and ransomware to carry out these internet frauds.

Surinder S Rathi, additional district judge and OSD to Delhi Legal Service Authority (DLSA), submitted the facts and figures in a report before the court in the demand that a direction should be released for a comprehensive study to be done on various issues including the cost incurred in operating the criminal justice system.

JR Midha and Gita Mittal, who constitute the bench of justices, are yet to announce the punishment to the three convicts in the Nitish Katara 2002 murder case.  The bench of justices had also instructed the DLSA to calculate the cost incurred in the trial of this particular case.

The report gives no more details about cyber crime stalking in India. According to the National Crime Records Bureau data, in 2013, 66.40 lakh criminal complaints were filed across the nation. Out of these, Delhi, the national capital accounted for around 86,800 complaints.

According to the report, globally, most of the countries have realized the extravagant financial cost of operating the criminal justice system but our own country has still not seen the light. All the wings of the system are utterly confused and overburdened due to unscientific and mindless planning.

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India has not been able to control incidents of crime even after having some odd 12,700 police stations and 15.70 lakh policemen working in them. The police, which is the first ring of criminal justice system, is itself in a very bad state across the nation.

The report also said that there is an immediate need to form a comprehensive methodology for computing the costs incurred by the nation on the account of various criminal acts. Till now, no empirical study has been carried out to know how much does a criminal case cost to the exchequer at the tax payer right from the filling of the First Information Report to its conclusion post the trail in sentencing.



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