Abhinand Gopal, Mahesh Yalamanchili and Shashank Pawar have come up with the concept of One Day T-shirt Designs. They say, “If you don’t like the design today you always have tomorrow”. What an interesting concept! Passed out of NIT Warangal, both Shashank and Mahesh were bitten by the startup bug early. ‘Usually all the e-commerce sites spoil the customers with choice. We wanted to keep it simple. The idea is to keep it clean in-terms of choice and stick to latest trends to amplify ones voice’, said Abhinand, an IIT Roorkee pass out.

Started in 2013, WhozHigh.com is a startup based out of Adilabad, a town 280 Kms from Hyderabad. Whozhigh revolves around the concept of ‘One-day-one-design’. We asked Shashank why t shirts? And he replied, “Tees, designs always enthused me and my active participation in running college events gave me good idea regarding merchandising.” He started with Whoz High to earn more money and do something which would be interesting at the same time.

“Our designs are based on real life circumstances happening around and the latest trends. A design a day concept gives us flexibility to cater to designs of all the fields. I am sure you would nowhere find this wide range of designs”, said Mahesh. The users are notified through WhatsApp and Mail about the new an interesting designs every day. They believe in focusing on work and delivering the most fresh and out of the box designs in the market.

We asked him about the initial experience of starting up and they said, “First 3 months were really good. In the very initial days even a single sale would excite the whole team. Excitement was short lived as it dawned on us that we had to actually make good sales to sustain. I would actually say that the game began after 3 months.” They plan to expand into merchandise management in a while. “We are also planning to do custom fit tees. Wont it be great to wear a tailored fit tee with favorite designs on it?” said Mahesh.

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Shashank says “There are million ways to earn money. It is important that you earn it through the way you love to” when asked for a message for future entrepreneurs.

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