Launchsimply‘ is gesture based application launcher. It is the world’s first 3D movement control system on android. It helps user launch apps with basic gesture without even touching the phone screen. Sujeet Kumar Mehta and Archana started the company which is now being carried forward by the former. He followed his passion to improve the mobile experience and developed this app.”I started to build a solution for taking picture faster than any existing smart phone can deliver. That’s how I developed world’s first mobile app to do 3d gesture recognition”, he says.

Prayerapp wants to change the way users interact with their smartphones. It’s a completely new technique to interact with the phone. The company, Prayerapp has developed gestures for camera message and music interfaces. The usage is so simple and natural that you wouldn’t want to search the app icons to launch them once you install this app.

Sujeet always had a keen interest in solving the problem and improving mobile uses and taking it to the next level. He always ended up making apps which can make a viable improvement in user experience and technology to make a sustainable and growing business. At the time of his graduation in 6th semester, he formed and managed a team to build 3D PC (Windows) Educational game “Crack Codes of Challenge”. He is currently working with ‘Commonfloor’ for their android app.

Launched in 2012, this app has been installed in more than 5000 android devices. When asked about what made his start the company, he said-“‘I started to build a solution for taking picture faster than any existing smart phone can deliver. So I had developed world’s first mobile app to do 3D gesture”.

The gesture can also be updated with double touch once anywhere on screen to launch Camera, Music, and Message by performing defined actions. “It has the potential to bring another big revolution in mobile world after touch screen and keypad, it helped me take great real time photo and now I can open my music while on move and got to read my lovely message on my phone, great work.”, said an app user.

An advice for future engineer entrepreneur from Sujeet is ‘understand business and validate your idea before burning your much important money and time.’ Based out of Bangalore, we believe this company will definitely build more innovative solutions which will take mobile experience to the next level.

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