Arun Pattnaik was looking for an organized, curated collection of beautiful plug-and-play chunks of design for a client. After checking out CreativeMarket, GraphicRiver, ThemeForest he realized that the companies online had more of a market than a collection. So he along with friends from Delhi and Chennai started a project called UIPreneur. It’s still a stealth startup being built under the hood.

We asked him what makes UIPreneur so different, and he said “The main difference is that we’re trying to be very affordable and startup friendly. UIPreneur has a simple membership system which allows you to download everything we build for a small annual payment. Unlike the existing marketplaces, you don’t pay a per-product price. Apart from that, we’re trying to put more categories so you get a one-stop-shop while building your project. We’re trying to build all things creative – PSD elements, icons, mascots, vector graphics, stock photos, HTML/CSS themes, plug-and-play jQuery animations, WordPress/Ghost themes & anything else we can build”. The users surely would find a lot of value in this.

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The site is being built on Ruby-on-Rails and they plan to have a lot categories, while keeping the quality high. “It needs a lot of creative manpower”, he added. With the aim of helping fellow designers, they want to start small and stay small. “This is the only way we will be able to maintain quality” said Arun. With their product launch coming up soon, they have done some market surveys and the response has been very good. Once launched, they would collaborate with content producers on different design marketplaces who could also build products for them.

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We asked Arun if he ever had doubts about his work, and he said ‘Yes, very often. You can’t work on a startup without thinking of taking risks. The fear of being proven wrong stays with you all the time. The challenge is to get over it and see if you actually fail. That’s how you learn. You cannot know if you’re right or wrong unless you go out there and do it.’

And one advice he give the future entrepreneurs is “Once you get praised for something done well, you should move on quickly to build better things than dwell in the success”

Come back to us for an update and launch coverage and in the meanwhile, check their website – http://uipreneur.com and get notified when it will be out for public release. UIPreneur is sending some exclusive FREE INVITES to people who sign up now.



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