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It seems after sweeping the nation by his charisma Mr. Narendra Modi is all set to take the antivirus software market by storm. Recently, Innovazion, which is a homegrown IT firm, launched its new antivirus software named NaMo Anti-Virus. For those who don’t know, NaMo is the popular short name for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The NaMo software will provide PC users with free protection against virus attacks and malware.

The current version of the software provides the user with basic protection and the company has huge plans of introducing the advanced versions of the software in the near future. It also has plans of launching the software for Apple’s Mac PCs.  The company will also make available regular updates for the current anti-virus software.

The software promises real-time detection of viruses. It provides intelligent scanning which means fast and configurable smart scans. The software also offers custom detection using the de facto standard signature language. According to the company, the software is very light on the hard drive, which is a huge plus point.

Globally, India acquires the third spot in terms of internet users.  However, the statistics also reveal that only 13% of these internet users in the country are making use of valid license of antivirus software and about 30% end up reinstalling trial versions of same or other antivirus software. The remaining 57% of the users either make use of no protection at all for their systems or are using unknown applications for protection. NaMo antivirus aims to target this 57% PC users.

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By manufacturing this antivirus, the company wants to congratulate the new government and at the same time communicate the message that the country has huge expectations from them. The company also clarified that it has no association with any political party or leader whatsoever.

Innovazion was started in 2007 and currently has over 500 employees. The company has its presence in seven countries all around the world which includes Singapore, Canada, US, India, China, UK, Romania and Germany. Business Consulting, application development, IT infrastructure, management and market research are some of the primary services provided with the company.

After NaMo branded Smartphones and phablets already in the market, it remains to be seen how the NaMo Antivirus fares in the market. Innovazion has already hit the popularity charts by naming the antivirus after the Prime Minister.

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